Paradis HS Home Health Services provides qualified healthcare employees with specific skill sets to meet the healthcare needs of  clients in their homes. Our home-health professionals provide nursing, physical therapy, occupational, speech, respiratory therapy, social and nutritional services. We recognize the need for exceptional care providers within Palm Beach County and other geographical locations and have a strong desire to contribute to the... 


Paradis HS (Healthcare Solutions) is equipped to assist with managing daily healthcare operations. Our team of professionals are ready to assist with: Customer service evaluation, assessment and improvement activities. Identifying cost savings with the primary goal of decreasing infrastructure costs. Explore and evaluate shared services – determining the most effective, efficient, timely and prudent business opportunities...


The company’s goal is to match skilled and experience workers with clients and/or businesses who desire to have services above and beyond what other workers currently offer. Our number one goal is maintaining the highest quality of care while providing unmatched access to talent. Our plan is to contribute to the community by filling a need for experienced, specialized, professional contingent workers. The company is committed to...


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Paradis HS Home Health Services

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